Woman at the Well Ministries is a Bible based teaching ministry whose arms reach to the local community, the state, the country and the world. It is founded on the Word of God and focused on bringing the truths of the Bible to our everyday lives. The teachings of this ministry are intended to point others to Jesus, strengthen your daily walk with Christ and to glorify our Saviour.

82900664F026Kimberly Miller is a Bible – teacher and Christian author. She is also a certified Biblical Life Coach and a life long student of the Bible.  She brings to this ministry many years of faithful service. The Lord placed in her heart, at a very young age, an insatiable desire for the scriptures. His hand has guided her through a journey of the scriptures that has etched them upon her heart. He has now called her to bring to you those truths He has taught her through the years through the radio, visits to your church and through the written word. We invite you to join Kim as she takes us on a walk through the scriptures and lets Him speak to our hearts and lead our lives.

82900663F015Erika Klose co-hosts the Woman at the Well Ministries radio program and is a young woman that God has hand picked for His ministry. Erika brings to our ministry many years of faithfully loving God and His children. She is multi-talented and is truly a woman after “God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22). Among her responsibilities are website design, visual identity, graphic design and technical engineering. Emotional support, Biblical exposition, weekly devotions, and hosting the Woman at the Well radio broadcast are among her many contributions to Woman at the Well Ministries.


82900651F056Beth Ross co-hosts the Woman at the Well Ministries radio program and she serves as the Director of Public Relations for the ministry as well.  She also writes weekly devotions that are posted on the Web site.  She loves God and has followed after Him ever since she can remember.  Every day she grows closer to Him and prays for God’s will for her life. Her desire is to spread the love of God to everyone around her.  An important element of her Bible study includes committing Bible verses to her mind and heart. This verse serves as the core of her prayers: “Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wing” (Psalm 17:8).

The purpose of Woman at the Well Ministries is to spread the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ through sound Bible teaching, dissemination of personally written Christian literature, and to help those who are in need. The staff of Woman at the Well Ministries is composed of three women. Each of us has come to know God in a personal way and each of our journeys has been unique. God has hand picked each of us to serve together at Woman at the Well Ministries.

Beth Ross, Erika Klose, and Kim Miller live very close to each other and attend the same church. Separately, God has been working in each of our lives for quite some time, bringing us to work as He has intended. He has chosen three distinctly different individuals to come together for one common cause: spreading the Gospel of Christ. His love has weaved our hearts together and His hand and master plan has placed us together in His service. He has taken our individual talents and put them together, bringing forth a marvelous work for Him.

The wonder of it all is the ease and comfort in which we work. Three different girls, with one single purpose, love one another as He continually pours His love on us. As we soak in His love, we are given all we need to love each of you and to give you all He puts in our hearts. We thank you for becoming part of our listening audience and allowing us to find our way into your hearts. Please view our individual biographies to learn more about each of us. Also, visit our Web site to learn more about us collectively as Woman at the Well Ministries. We look forward to a long and loving relationship with you as you allow us into your hearts, bringing the love of Jesus with us. Esther 4:14 best speaks of our Ministry and our friendship. This verse says “for such a time as this” we were born to serve.

Woman at the Well Ministries is supported by our faith partners, those faithful listeners whom God has called to assist us in spreading His marvelous message of love. Woman at the Well Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.